The most common of the religions of the Ordelian Peninsula reveres six gods who are collectively referred to as “The Hexarch”. Adherents often pick one of the six as their patron, though the teachings of their prophets recommend a balance between them as the ideal mode of worship. The gods of the Hexarch are referred to by their titles; their true names are only used in ceremonial conditions by clerics of their order.

The Sky Father
Lord of the Heavens and Father to All. Gave order to the world and law to its people. Judge and reckoner of wrongdoing, his watchful eye sees all. He is the patron of judges, kings and righteous guidance. Frequently symbolized by solar markings.

The Earth Mother
Bringer of Wealth and Abundance and Mother to All. Gave life to the world, and the gift of fertility to all living things. She is goddess of creation, plenty, birth and agriculture. Among the dwarves she is first among the Hexarch. Patron of women, farmers and miners.

The Hunter in Storms
Warrior-Prince of the Skies. Lightning is his spear, and thunder the sound of endless battle. He is boisterous, virile and strong. God of war and weather, a gathering thunderhead is seen as an omen of imminent conflict. Patron of warriors and men.

The Woman in the Wilds
Embodiment of Wilderness and Untamed Nature. For those who respect the wild she grants protection, but those who do not are judged harshly. Her clerics preach a message of self-reliance and stewardship over nature. Patron of hunters and adventurers.

The Reveler
Source of Beauty and Pleasure. Good drink, good music and great lovemaking, the Reveler is god of those things best done by candlelight. May present in male or female form, but is always invariably beautiful and scantily clad. Patron of artists and lovers.

The Rider in the Night
Only the foolish call him “Death”. He rides a black horse to guide the souls of the dead to their final rest. He is god of change, guidance and mercy and despises undead in all forms. Patron of messengers and travelers.


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